Official Launch of Archipelago CHI and Archipelago SYNERGY – International Private Medical Insurance

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July 5, 2020
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August 25, 2020

Labuan, Malaysia, 18th August 2020

Today marks another milestone for The Archipelago Group - the official launch of Archipelago's very own International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) - Archipelago CHI & Archipelago SYNERGY.

Archipelago Insurance Limited, Asia’s leading general and medical insurance company, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest range of international private medical insurance (IPMI) plans to service the growing middle-class, mid-level executives and expatriates living in Asia.

Health and medical insurance can be very expensive these days. Hence, Archipelago made these plans affordable yet comprehensive allowing clients covered to have access to quality and cost-effective health treatments. CHI and SYNERGY plans provide medical services through an open-access provider network of over 10,000 healthcare partners globally.

Announcing the new IPMI products, Archipelago’s Group CE, Mr. Ian Lim said, “CHI is now available to individuals and families and SYNERGY extends to corporates by offering new levels of flexibility to vary insurance limits by seniority of employees. We are confident that these options will increase the number of corporates seeking cost-effective way of extending international private medical insurance coverage for their valued employees. Also, the future outbreaks of Covid-19 leave many clients wondering whether they have sufficient medical coverage.”

He further commented that “CHI plans combine innovative product features with deep clinical expertise to offer superior experience for our clients wherever they are in the world. There are three base plans – CHI Essential, Plus and Elite. Overall annual benefits range from USD1,000,000 to USD4,000,000. All plans provide full cover for inpatient treatment, cancer care and emergency medical evacuation. Higher-level plans offer increasingly more benefits including the management of chronic conditions, dental, vision and compassionate visits by family members.”

CHI is also packaged using Vivacity App, a bespoke digital health insurance App for Asean region to offer holistic health & policy management to consumers. Using API-integrated dashboard, self-help tools and real-time information, the app serves as a 24/7 health and insurance partner to users, helping them understand their health, lifestyle and accessibility to their policy services.

Mr. Vincent Kwo, Chief Executive of Archipelago Associates Limited, said, “It has never been a more important time than now to help people build health resilience and boost immunity by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Through Vivacity, we are committed to providing leading technology, insurance engagement and services to help people live healthier lives and manage their policy well."

At Archipelago, we also understand the importance of wellness. It is of essential importance to lead healthy and purposeful lives - from good nutrition, physical fitness, fulfilment and longevity. Personal wellness is becoming our modern day cultural and lifestyle focus.

In addition to the new products, Archipelago is excited to share that we are collaborating with Zoë Palmer Wright, a qualified nutritionist, naturopath and health coach. Zoë assesses a person’s diet, lifestyle, movement, sleep, stress levels, mood, symptoms and health goals before sharing her advice on the positive changes they can make to their habits to improve their health and wellbeing. Zoë helps people set goals and make shifts in their eating habits and lifestyle, so that they can get positive results and improve their quality of life. This is not “one-size-fits-all” healthcare. Zoë’s highly personalised approach focuses on building healthy habits that will have the maximum impact on a person’s individual wellness.

Having conducted over 5,000 health coaching sessions, Zoë doesn’t just tell her clients “what to do”, she explains exactly “why” and “how” it will benefit them – helping them to understand their bodies and the root causes of their symptoms so that they can be empowered creators of their health and vitality moving forward.

Archipelago will be giving away Complimentary Sessions to the first 50 successful CHI or SYNERGY clients. There will be two private wellness sessions with Zoë and it will be conducted via video conferencing.

Archipelago aspires to reach out to as many clients as possible to grant access to affordable IPMI. We want to be more than just a health insurance company, we want to be your health partner.

For more information about Archipelago CHI and Archipelago SYNERGY, please contact your brokers or visit

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