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November 22, 2019
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June 7, 2020

A CSR Initiative by The Archipelago Group. ARCare ( is a platform that provides real time information on the COVID-19 outbreak updates. It is equipped with respective ASEAN country Health Ministry's guidance and information plus incorporating a "self-triage" assessment whereby registered users may check to see if they're in the safe or yellow or red zone.

The unique features of ARCare are :

  • Available in all ASEAN languages.
  • All-in-one real time COVID-19 ASEAN/worldwide outbreak tracker and statistics.
  • Includes ASEAN country's MOH guidance and information for list of hospitals, emergency contacts, emails and safety charts.
  • Up to 15 newsfeeds and data analyses APIs from reputable sources worldwide.
  • A personal "self-triage" and a predictive chart if the pandemic is not curtailed.
  • Updated with new features regularly.
  • Mobile & PC friendly

Mr Ian Lim, Group Chief Executive of The Archipelago Group said, "My team and I created this URL/free site as a corporate social responsibility initiative to serve the global community at a challenging time like this. Additionally, we hope it will serve as a one stop COVID-19 data monitoring page so the community has seamless access to information at their fingertips." The data is accessible by clicking on to find out the latest updates and happenings from around the world. It provides information and knowledge on being prepared, protecting our community, loved ones and working together in curtailing this pandemic. ARCare is co-originated/partnered with The Archipelago Group (TAG) and Bamboo Wellness Ecosystem.

About The Archipelago Group

The Archipelago Group is a multi-line Labuan Midshore Direct Underwriter offering general, life, general or life protected cell captives and captive management services for both Conventional and Takaful risks. The Archipelago Group is a Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) registered and licensed insurance group with its co-located office in Kuala Lumpur. It operates within the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre regulated framework and is a member of Labuan International Insurance Association (LIIA). The Group provides a unique brand of bespoke and personalised insurance financial solutions across Asia.