Assistance Related Insurance Programmes

The Assistance Related Insurance Programmes are one of the important tools setting us apart from other companies.

Our solutions are readily adaptable to suit any motor, health or home insurance, ranging from assistance programmes (home, travel and roadside assistance) to managing claims and provider networks.

We assist in reducing claims ratios and expenses, thanks to our swift action and effective handling of the claims.

  • Road
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Second Towing
  • Complementary Motor Vehicle
  • Services
  • Home Assistance
  • Home Claims Management
  • Health
  • 24 Hours Medical Hotline
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Tele-Assistance
  • Evaluation of Body Injuries
  • Medical Centres
  • Cost Containment
  • Complementary Health Checks
  • Travel Advisory Services
  • Transfers & Repatriation for Foreigners