Archipelago Insurance Limited e-newsletter | October 2019

The Archipelago Group & Qbera Capital LLP – Strategic Alliance Announcement
August 20, 2019
The Archipelago Group | e-Press Release November 2019
November 22, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Marine Department of Malaysia has recognised Archipelago Insurance Limited as the first Labuan based insurance group to issue the Insurance Certificate (Blue Card; up to 3000 GT) “International Convention on Civil Liability For Oil Pollution Damage, 1992)” (CLC 1992), “International Convention On Civil Liability For Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001” (BCC 2001) and “Nairobi International Convention On the Removal of Wreck, 2007” (WRC 2007).

What is Blue Card?

Blue Cards originated from International Maritime Organization (IMO), which oversees numerous conventions and their protocols related to maritime safety, security pollution, and liability and compensation. It is a Certificate of Insurance required by the international liability compensation regimes adopted by International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Blue Card proves that shipowner has all the mandatory insurance policies in place. It is the the “stamp of approval” insurers provide to shipowners.

The general process is :
   •  Shipowner applies for a Blue Card from Insurer
   •  Insurer verifies the shipowner has all the compulsory insurance coverage
   •  and provide shipowner with a Blue Card

Blue Card typically includes the following information of a vessel :
   •  Name
   •  Call Sign
   •  Port of Registry
   •  IMO
   •  Name and address of the registered owner’s principal place of business
   •  Period of insurance coverage

Further details of Jabatan Laut Malaysia – Malaysian Shipping Notice (NPM 04/2019; MSN 04/2019) is set out in the attachment below :

Jabatan Laut Malaysia website Malaysian Shipping Notice NPM 04/2019; MSN 04/2019 Jabatan Laut Malaysia_Malaysia shipping Notice - NPM042019.pdf

About The Archipelago Group

The Archipelago Group is a multi-line Labuan Midshore Direct Underwriter offering general, life, general or life protected cell captives and captive management services for both Conventional and Takaful risks. The Archipelago Group is a Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) registered and licensed insurance group with its co-located office in Kuala Lumpur. It operates within the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre regulated framework and is a member of Labuan International Insurance Association (LIIA). The Group provides a unique brand of bespoke and personalised insurance financial solutions across Asia.

About Jabatan Laut Malaysia (Marine Department of Malaysia)

Before the establishment of the Marine Department of Malaysia, Marine Department consists of three different independence Departments i.e. Marine Department Peninsular Malaysia, Marine Department Sabah and Marine Department Sarawak which were headed by different Heads of Service. As of 1st January 2011, Marine Department Peninsular Malaysia has integrated with Marine Department Sabah dan Marine Department Sarawak and known as the Marine Department of Malaysia. The Marine Department is a government department under the purview of the Ministry of Transport, Malaysia.

Its objective is to administer matters related to shipping and ports including maritime affair within Malaysian waters; to establish a safe, secure and systematic sea communication system, and marine conservation towards quality development of national maritime policy.

The main functions is ensure safe navigation of merchant vessels, to provide services to merchant vessels such as ship inspection, certification, registration and licensing, to provide services to ships navigating in Malaysian waters and ports; and to supervise examinations of seafarers.