Archipelago Featured as Cover Story for Money Compass

Harveston 2014 Annual Adviser Conference
February 11, 2018
Company Events
February 11, 2018

We are pleased to inform our readers that the Archipelago Group has been featured on the cover story of Money Compass for the month of March and April, 2014.

Money Compass is one of Malaysia’s financial publication with an objective to raise awareness of financial planning amongst Malaysians. Consisting of a team of professional advisors, columnists and article contributors, the magazine constantly keep track of the latest development, financial market trends and provide up-to-date analysis to help readers manage and make well informed decisions in regards to their financial plan. The magazine is also available in Chinese edition.

We hope the article helps you to identify with Archipelago Group in terms of our origins, solutions and future aspirations.

To read and download a soft copy of the article in PDF, please click here. Thank you.