About Us

Who We Are

Archipelago General Insurance Limited is a Labuan based General insurer with Takaful window in compliance with the Labuan Islamic Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (Act 705)(IFSA 2010). The Takaful window was granted by Labuan Financial Services Authority in April 2014 and we have been recognized as a market leader for its innovative and products and services.

The offering of Takaful provides a shariah compliant and holistic approach protecting assets against calamities whilst fulfilling one’s Islamic and moral obligations to the community complementing Islamic values. Archipelago General Insurance Limited being the pioneer midshore Takaful operator in ASEAN region, contributes growth and development to the Labuan International and Business Financial Centre by providing protection for individuals, families and corporates.

Our Deliveries to our Producers & Customers

Unparalleled Service

We maintain a reputation for fairness and integrity by treating every customer — from policy issuance to claim settlement — the same way as we ourselves would want to be treated.

Doing business with us has never been more convenient through our frontline underwriters, risk engineers and claims specialists. In addition, we provide a variety of online risk and insurance management solutions. We have vast experience and expertise in managing personal and commercial risk exposures. We work with highly specialized and service-oriented producers and brokers in the field, helping to ensure the best possible insurance experience and satisfaction for our customers.

 A One-stop Insurance Source for Business

Archipelago Insurance Limited offers businesses with a wide range of commercial insurance products, which are innovative, comprehensive and tailored to the corporate needs.

 A One-stop Source for Individuals

Archipelago Insurance Limited offers an array of accident and health insurance products for individuals and families.  Much like our commercial insurance products, our personal insurance policies are innovative, scalable and supported by specialist underwriting expertise.

On April, 2015, Archipelago Insurance Limited has been granted a Takaful Window license by Labuan Financial Services Authority to operate general takaful business and Encik Azman bin Ismail has been appointed as its Shariah Advisor. The business model Archipelago Insurance Limited is using is based on the principle of wakalah.

Why Us

The Archipelago Insurance Limited Advantage

At Archipelago Insurance Limited, our goal is to create maximum satisfaction for our clients which in turn results in mutually beneficial long-term relationships. You can feel confident that we have the strength, stability and expertise to be there for you when you choose us.

These are the reasons why you should consider choosing us as your insurance business partner:

Structured Insurance & Group Affinity

Caters to businesses that seek unique insurance requirements. Archipelago Insurance Limited offers innovative out of the box structured solutions and is committed to providing clients with the highest standards of award winning products, underwriting and claims services.

International Regulatory Framework 

Businesses operating in Labuan IBFC are governed by eight modern legislative Acts which include the world’s first omnibus Islamic Act, spanning every aspect of Sharia-compliant financial services, including the establishment of a Sharia Supervisory Council. Labuan IBFC adheres to international standards and best practices, including protocols on anti-money laundering and exchange of information set by the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Labuan FSA as the regulator under the purview of Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysian Central Bank) is responsible for the supervision and regulation of the business activities and operations of all financial services companies in Labuan.

Global Network of Insurance Partners & Portfolios

Global capabilities to address the needs of diverse customer base, sales channels and associates. In addition, our proximity to several global and regional insurance centres e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong and London puts us in a unique position to tap the many inherent opportunities in Asia and beyond.